Planned Parenthood Texas Votes is a statewide advocacy organization that will engage supporters of women’s health to fight to protect and expand women’s access to preventative and reproductive care, including abortion.

Just as women trust Planned Parenthood health centers when it comes to their medical care, they trust Planned Parenthood advocacy and political organizations when we speak out about the policies and politicians that determine their access to their health care.

To keep Texas strong, we need leaders who will defend a woman’s freedom to make decisions about her reproductive health, and who will protect women’s access to basic health care – including birth control.

In 2014 and beyond Planned Parenthood Texas Votes will make sure voters know where the candidates stand on issues important to women’s health. We will work with Texans throughout our state to educate, organize, and demand that women’s health care access is protected, and to show that #WomenWinTX.