Meet the Organizer: Summer Lollie in Dallas-Fort Worth

When I was growing up in Dallas, my sister and I would often visit our cousins in Wichita Falls on weekends and during the summer. We grew up playing freeze tag and hide and seek with walkie talkies at my grandparents’ house and talking about how we would grow up to be doctors, lawyers, or the first black President of the United States. But as I got older, my sister and I saw some of our teenage cousins get pregnant and start working low wage jobs to make ends meet for their families.

While my cousins are living great lives and raising amazing children, my sister and I knew we didn’t want to make the same choices — so we took to the internet to learn about sex. We found a number of websites, some more informative than others, before landing on the Planned Parenthood website. We had heard about Planned Parenthood and the work they did in the Dallas community, so we knew it could be trusted as a good source of information on birth control and sexual health. Thanks to that resource, we were able to navigate through high school and college without an unintended pregnancy. Now, I am building a career at Planned Parenthood where I work to make sure everyone has access to Planned Parenthood’s health and education resources to control when and if they want to have children and go on to have the careers they want and participate in their communities in they way they choose.

As an organizer, I am committed to making sure marginalized populations in Texas have a voice in electing public officials who will champion the rights of women and all Texans. Before joining Planned Parenthood Texas Votes, I worked at Battleground Texas as an organizer working in east Dallas to register new voters and help Rep. Victoria Neave win her state house seat over an incumbent anti-abortion Republican. I also previously worked as an executive assistant at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, advocating for strong safety public nets like debt-free college and Medicare for all and in Shreveport, LA, as a teacher and school personnel union organizer, fighting for strong public schools.

If you are looking to make a difference in your community, know that you don’t have to create your own movement. Prioritize one or two issues you are passionate about, and find a group that works on them. When we work together, we are more powerful!

Here in Dallas, we have regular opportunities for people to get involved in the work Planned Parenthood does to protect and expand access to reproductive health care. On November 7, we are hosting a Planned Parenthood 101 to give first-time activists a chance learn about Planned Parenthood as an organization and the different ways you can fight back against attacks on our care. Every month, we also host supporter engagement phone banks to grow our team of activists. I would love to meet you and get you plugged into the work we are doing on the ground!

To join Summer in the fight for reproductive health and rights in Dallas-Forth Worth, email her at!