July 17: At the Capitol This Week

Tomorrow, Planned Parenthood Texas Votes is partnering with a broad coalition of organizations across movements to kick off 30 days of action that coincide with the 30 days of the special legislative session. Gov. Abbott is forcing the Texas Legislature back to the Capitol to pass even more laws that advance his extreme agenda — including proposals that would further reduce access to reproductive health care at Planned Parenthood, create burdensome requirements for abortion providers, and ban insurance coverage for abortion.

This is not what Texans want. In Austin tomorrow, activists are gathering at the Capitol for a rally at 1pm to send the message to Gov. Abbott that we’re standing together as #OneTX against more dangerous and discriminatory legislation. We’ll be back every day to fight — together. Read below for more details on how to take action in the coming month.

House bill threatens partnerships between local public entities and Planned Parenthood

HB 163 would prohibit local government entities from partnering with health care providers that provide abortions or are affiliated with an abortion provider. Local governments and health officials should have the ability and authority to partner with Planned Parenthood to address the unique needs of their communities. This bill is another in a long line of legislation that will prevent Texans from seeking the health care they need and have a devastating impact on Planned Parenthood patients. Speaker of the House, Representative Joe Straus (R-San Antonio) has the power to stop this legislation from reaching the House floor for a vote. The most important action you can take right now is to contact him.

Senate to debate further restrictions on access to safe, legal abortion

Other anti-abortion bills on Gov. Abbott’s agenda include a measure to prohibit private health insurance plans—including plans available through the Affordable Care Act and group employer health plans—from offering coverage for abortion care, and a requirement that duplicates reporting on abortion complications by physicians and facilities, on top of all that they’re already required to report. Just last month, Gov. Abbott signed a sweeping, multi-part anti-abortion bill into law and unilaterally vetoed a bipartisan bill extending the Women’s Health Advisory Committee, which was tasked with ensuring low-income Texans have access to reproductive health care.

#OneTX Resistance 30 Days of Action

A broad coalition of organizations including Planned Parenthood Texas Votes, the ACLU of Texas, United We Dream, the Texas Civil Rights Project, and more are working to organize direct actions every day of the special session. Join the Facebook group to be updated on the daily actions or sign up to receive email alertsRead our open letter denouncing Gov. Abbott’s extreme politics.

Updated Senate health care bill still “defunds” Planned Parenthood

Last Thursday, the Senate released their updated draft version of the health care repeal bill, including the same provision that would block people with Medicaid from accessing birth control and cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood health centers for one year. It also includes an abortion coverage ban that would end access to insurance that includes abortion. The newest version also includes an amendment from Senator Ted Cruz that would permit insurers to sell plans that charge women co-pays for birth control, immunizations, and cancer screenings. The Cruz provision would effectively create two systems of insurance, one for sick people and one for healthy people — thereby putting coverage out of reach for people with pre-existing conditions. With this latest version of Trumpcare, Americans will pay more and get less, but women will pay the biggest price of all.

After the Congressional Budget Office releases an updated score of the bill early this week, the Senate will move to vote. Your continued pressure on Senators Cruz and John Cornyn is critical over this final period of negotiations.