Honoring Hispanic Heritage Month with Action

From September 15 to October 15, Planned Parenthood is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month! Part of honoring Hispanic heritage in this country is ensuring that we stand with Hispanic communities so they are able to access affordable, high-quality health care and live free from discrimination. In addition to providing direct medical services, Planned Parenthood affiliates in Texas are driving three major community-based initiatives to increase Hispanic Texans’ access to health care.

Through the Raíz (Spanish for “root”) programs in San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston, Planned Parenthood affiliates work to build long-term, sustainable community organizing structures in partnership with the Hispanic and Latinx community. In Dallas, organizers have helped enroll people in health insurance plans through the ACA marketplace and hosted Platicas Sobre La Salud, a conference on the significant disparities in health care outcomes in Latinx communities.

Meanwhile, the Promotores de Salud program brings bilingual health education into homes across the Rio Grande Valley, in San Antonio and Houston. Promotoras are community leaders who care about about their communities, recognize barriers to health care, and are committed to helping their peers overcome health disparities and health system challenges. They share medically accurate information and clarify misconceptions about risky sexual behavior. The promotoras program is modeled off Mexican and Central American adult peer education programs that have been recognized for reducing health disparities.

Planned Parenthood Greater Texas also just kicked off a program called MUJER, or Mujeres Unidas for Justicia, Educacion, y Respeto (Women United for Justice, Education and Respect). This program, designed by and for Latinas, aims to increase advocacy and knowledge about reproductive health in Latinx communities in Dallas. PPGT provides participants, also known as MUJERes, with leadership development and organizing training opportunities so they can lead movements in their own neighborhoods and communities. MUJERes meet over coffee and pan dulce to discuss health care related issues in a safe space, alongside women who share and understand the unique challenges of a shared cultural experience. The intention is to connect the dots between the issues and how Latinas are impacted by decisions made by politicians in Austin and D.C. so the MUJERes can go on to take action.

Hispanic Texans are Planned Parenthood patients, volunteers, supporters, educators, and staff. We are proud to advocate for and with Hispanic communities to harness their political power and increase their access to health care through these programs!